Thursday, July 8, 2010

This piece of advice was inspired by a friend who simply needed to vent to me, and figure out how to put her feelings into words. So I helped her out with it :) :

None of us are perfect…We hear that ALL the time! Yet, some of us fail to recognize that fact. Some of us forget that while judging, we are flawed as well. Sometimes we may be childish w/ our words and actions, due to selfish criticism, while hurting others… Ask yourself when you take these actions, is it really worth making a fool out of yourself and hurting someone who is just only human like yourself? I’ll tell you one of the best ways to answer any question, put yourself in those shoes and see what you come up with. But here’s my question to you: Why not try to help instead? Would it be SO bad? There’s a reason to why people are the way they are. Learn to accept it as a mature individual and get passed your weak and juvenile ways.